Harjinder is a KRI Certified Professional Trainer, Yoga Therapist in training and an accredited Senior Teacher and Mentor with Yoga Australia.  


At a time of great challenge in her life in 2008, Kundalini Yoga opened the doorway to her inner strength, potential and grace. She has since wholeheartedly dedicated herself to serving others, students and teachers alike.  

She has the capacity to meet people where they are, to see and trust in their ultimate potential and to inspire them to find their own greatness.

Her passion includes working therapeutically with students with PTSD and supporting single parents to regain self value, confidence and expressing leadership in their life and circumstances.

Her teachings allow her to travel to many places in Australia and oversees and Harjinder is grateful to call the Central Coast NSW her home where she is living with her 2 daughters. 


Kundalini Yoga

I would like to acknowledge the events that have unfolded this year in the Kundalini Yoga Community. 

The allegations against Yogi Bhajan who passed in 2004 came with a journey of many emotions and stages.

I am still processing and will invite myself to continue to do so in order to keep seeing more that will add to the bigger picture.

It has been heartbreaking and very disturbing when one is to set out to support students with great care.

My teacher training team that I have been part of since 2012 has put all trainings on hold and we will not return at this point in time.


I feel it is important to be authentic, to openly share and to be transparent.

I am available for any questions and conversation.

I can forward links to information and share to the best of my knowledge.

For my personal teaching I have decided after some months of taking a break to continue with taking the full 1000 hr yoga therapy training. It has come with much consideration as to how this practice has supported me personally. 

I am offering the practice in a way I see supportive for students at this time and that is to focus on yogic foundations, keeping the teachings simple, listening to the body and applying an inward awareness. 

I would like to share the letter we shared from our training team: Click here

I appreciate this sharing by my mentor: A student teacher questions: "What is your actual vision of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan?"

Contact: info@kundaliniyoga@gmail.com / 0408 218 443