Jo Thompson

Meet Jo Thompson, Director of Bn2health.


Jo finished High school and completed a nursing degree at Concord in Sydney at the young age of 18. She worked in various areas during this time from medical to surgical, treating a vast number of patients with differing illnesses. It is here that her passion for health began to grow. Jo moved to the Central Coast from Sydney in 1990, with her husband, toddler and pregnant with her second child. Whilst caring for her two young children, she commuted to Sydney and continued to work as a nurse at Strathfield private hospital, absorbing and learning the health system from junior to senior levels. 

Eventually, she secured a casual position as a nurse at Gosford Hospital. Being casual meant that she would work in all areas of the health system across the coast in a new regional environment. She was offered a 3-month temporary position in community nursing which she fell in love with and worked as a community nurse for over 15 years and promoted to positions including NUM (nursing unit manager) and educator. Community nursing offered skills in wound care and lymphodema which soon became the cornerstone building blocks used today in her own practice. 

During this time, Jo had many personal struggles including the breakdown of her marriage and her new-found reality of raising 2 children as a single parent. This emotional stress resulted in Cancer, and so then became Jo’s journey to nutritional therapy and alternative medicine of which she is so passionate today. Jo tried and tested various alternative therapies to rid herself of cancer without the use of chemotherapy and radiation, which has proven an invaluable experience and the reason why many of Jo’s clients trust her with the hardest fight of their life. Seeing a Chinese herbalist was her catalyst and realisation that food is medicine and led her to not only heal herself but to study naturopathy to enable her to help others in a similar situation. She then left nursing to open her own clinic, and this is where Bn2health began. 

Today Jo is healthy and happy, not only physically but also emotionally. She is in a happy relationship and has 3 grandchildren who she adores. Her clinic is thriving, helping and healing people suffering from various health issues using nutritional and alternative therapies. Jo continues to learn and study in order to better aid her clients and fulfil her life’s work and purpose.

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