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Everyone and all levels of experience are welcome.

Kundalini Yoga supports us to become physically and mentally strong by creating a strong nervous system and a healthy glandular and immune system so that we may live a life full of radiance and abundance.

It is a transformational practice using dynamic posture, breath, mantra, sound, meditation, and deep relaxation.

If you feel inspired to experience yoga and never felt safe enough or thought you couldn't do it well then I invite you to come to learn that the most important thing is not how perfect you look on the outside but the power of the intent to give your best. Doing your best is all you need to do and the practice has the potential to elevate you to give you the experience of peace and connection within. The world needs more heart and the world needs empowered individuals.

Let me guide you in how to connect to the teacher within you and your greatest intelligence - your intuition.

As a Teacher I like to offer my best care, understanding and gift to hold space for one student or many.

I appreciate offering opportunities for students to connect, share and feel they belong to a community.

I am passionate about giving back.

I regularly support individuals, local businesses and causes as well as the Guru Ram Das Centre (USA).


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"Last year I completed the Kundalini Yoga course for the Recovery of Childhood Trauma delivered by Harjinder Kaur on the Central Coast. For me, this course was life changing! With Harjinder Kaur’s support, I discovered the strength and courage to commence deep inner healing and realign myself with the flow of wellbeing and abundance.


I am an example of how this course can assist to overcome trauma and restore wellness. I underwent a nutritional assessment before and at the end of the course and without making significant dietary changes or increasing exercise, in just 10 weeks, I had lost body fat, gained muscle, my pH had become more alkaline and my cellular energy production had improved. These results are amazing, especially considering that at the time, I was in the advanced stages of completing a PhD dissertation! In fact, I believe that this course helped me to conjure the warrior energy necessary to complete such a tremendous task.


My journey towards wholeness continues, and I continue to practice and develop the tools I learnt during this course.


From my heart, I highly recommend this course, especially to those who suffer from PSTD and complex trauma."

Lisa Dunbar-Solas

“Harjinder as a teacher of kundalini yoga comes from her heart and lives day to day with the essence of this amazing practice. Supporting and helping all of us so we can connect with our inner strength and purpose, intuitively knowing the right practices for us every time.
I am eternally grateful to have Harjinder and this type of yoga as part of my life.”

Sue Gibbons

‘Harjinder has shown me the tools to make my life more balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.  In her classes she invites you to go on a deeper journey of self exploration and liberation from any fears that hold you back from being the best you can be.’

Irene Lill

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