Sammi Zajko


Sammi is a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor, in her private practice, Sammi Zajko Holistic Counselling. She believes that you are an expert in your own life and choses to walk alongside you in support as you navigate the sometimes-challenging journey of life.


She is dedicated to supporting her clients to integrate physical health with emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Supporting you through significant life changes, grief, loss and bereavement, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, relationship support, or helping you to “find yourself”, Sammi has the skills, experience and non-judgemental empathy to support you to heal, change and thrive.


She is empathetic, confidential, warm, approachable and down-to-earth. Sammi also draws on other modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (or “tapping”), Family Constellations, Inner Child Integration and Bioresonance Therapy to help to integrate blocks and trauma.


With an additional background in nutrition and gut health, specifically the connection between gut health and mental health, Sammi is also able to support you on a physical, nutritional level. Sammi also supports you on your soul’s bigger journey of growth, integration and healing.


She is a qualified and initiated Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki and energy practitioner, with a grounded approach to spirituality. Sammi brings her warmth, unconditional support and advocacy to support you during this course.

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